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Cheapest Areas

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about Shepherd’s Bush. The cheapest areas to buy a home in every London borough — you can save millions by targeting your search.

Cheapest Areas

As house prices continue to rise faster than wages, here’s where to target your London home search to find the cheapest homes in every London borough.

House prices grew faster than earnings in 91 per cent of local authority districts, making homes less affordable in most parts of the UK, according to a report from the ONS.

The problem is even more acute in parts of London, where the country’s most expensive boroughs are found.

But despite a current average asking price of £664,000 in the capital, exclusive research by Savills for Homes and Property has identified 20 of London’s 33 boroughs which have areas where the average house price is less than £400,000. All but two boroughs contain areas with average home values below £600,000.

The estate agent compared house prices in small areas with the average value of property in the borough they sit within to identify the best pockets of value in London.

Golborne & Swinbrook

The biggest ‘bargain’ neighbourhood was in London’s most expensive borough, Kensington & Chelsea, where the average house price is in excess of £2.2 million. But in the Golborne & Swinbrook area of North Kensington, the average home sells for £716,000 — a full 68 per cent less.

White City

The next biggest in-borough savings can be found in neighbouring Hammersmith and Fulham, average price £982,000. However, buying in White City costs almost a third of the borough average, at £374,400, a 62 per cent saving.

Maida Hill

In Westminster, looking in Maida Hill to the west of St John’s Wood, could save you half a million pounds, with house prices a huge 62 per cent below the borough average of £1.5 million.

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