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Brilliant Partnership

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about Shepherd’s Bush. Prospect House: What happened to the ‘brilliant partnership’?

Brilliant PartnershipFive years ago a formerly disused office block in Stonebridge was converted into 17 new flats. It is for homeless families on the homeless register to great fanfare.

Prospect House, in the North Circular Road, was transformed by Brent Council, Shepherd’s Bush Housing Association (SBHA). And landlord Ashok Vohra, owner Sonal Trading Ltd, and lauded as “a brilliant example of working in partnership with a landlord and a housing association”.

Homeless families could escape the “squalid” hostels they were in, the council could reduce its housing waiting list, the housing association could help run it. The owner was given a grant from Brent Council’s Empty Property Scheme to make it all happen.


Tenants have complained that the electricity often cuts out. The ventilation is poor. The communal front door breaks and there are no lifts. They say there has been pollution, noise and infestations of rats in the car park where the children play.

L’Oriel Williams, who was placed in a two-bedroom flat in August 2016, said. “The building itself cannot hold the amount of people that are in it, let alone be habitable.”

The owner

Landlord Ashok Vohra, owner of Sonal Trading Ltd, said that repairs are done the “same day, 24 hours”.

He charges gas by “bed spaces” rather than “bedrooms”.

The council

According to council documents, the flats are let to homeless families on a five-year lease arrangement managed by SBHA.

In 2017, Mr Vohra put in a planning application to build four additional floors containing a further 28 self-contained flats, which was approved by Brent Council in 2019.

The housing association

Darren Reynolds, SBHA’s director for resident experience, said: “The landlord is responsible for repairs and has completed numerous repairs during this time.

“In some cases, it has been necessary for SBHA to complete some of the required repairs directly.

We found this article about Prospect House: What happened to the ‘brilliant partnership’? on Brent & Kilburn Times Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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